Different Car Window Tint Options

A window tint is one of the most popular add on you could get for your car. It is greatly useful in reducing the glare as you drive as well as protect you and the passengers from the sun’s harsh UV rays. If you aren’t aware yet, there are actually different types of car window tint and each has varying prices and purpose as well.

You need to consider what type of protection you need as well as the budget that you have in order to pick the right type of car window tint. To help you out, here are the different types of car window tints and the features they offer.


Dyed window tint is the most common and affordable type of car window tint. It is made up of dyed film and can be adjusted based on the level of darkness or privacy that you prefer. The dyed film absorbs the sunlight as it passes through the window which reduces the glare as you drive. However, the film can fade over time and also offers a limited ability to block the sun’s heat as well.


Metalized car window tint contains micro particles made from metal. Instead of absorbing the sunlight, it reflects the light making them more efficient than dyed car window tints. Metalized tints create a better aesthetic because of their shinier finish plus it also serves as a protective layer against scratches and makes your car windows stronger.


Hybrid car window tints are a combination of dyed and metalized tints. It has several layers of dyed films with a thin metal layer in between the films. It combines both the features of dyed and metalized, making it the best of both worlds. It offers UV protection and reduces glare more effectively than pure dyed or metalized tints.


Carbon window tints are more efficient in blocking the sun’s rays and it doesn’t fade no matter how long your car had it on. Since it blocks sunlight effectively, it also provides better insulation for your car keeping the interior temperature relatively cooler than other tint types. Since it is more efficient and durable, carbon window tint is also more expensive than the other types. A lot of car owners prefer this tint for aesthetic reasons because of its matte finish.


Ceramic window tint is a lot better than carbon window tint when it comes to performance and durability. It blocks almost 99% of sun’s UV rays, reducing the glare and keeping your car cool inside even when the weather outside is really hot. It adds strength to the window making it shatterproof.


If you don’t like a dark tint on your car window but still want the protection offered by most of car window tints, crystalline car window tint is the perfect option for you. 3M crystalline car window tint blocks the sun’s UV rays even if they are completely transparent.

With all those different options you have, you can surely find a car window tint that suits your budget and your needs the most.