Importing JDM – What’s better; brand new, used, or reconditioned?

There used to be a time when American muscle cars tried to come on par with the Japanese vehicle quality, but they failed. Today, even Americans are importing JDM with love. If you’re planning to import a Japanese vehicle, the rule of thumb is to hire a reliable importing company.

Even if you had the best-importing company on board, you should first know whether you’re going to bring over a brand-new vehicle, or a used or a reconditioned one. Is there a difference between used and reconditioned?

To answer all the necessary questions, let us dissect each type so that you can understand what’s the most cost-effective option.

Brand new

Without a doubt, the brand-new vehicles are the best option; all the meters are at 0, the engine is ready to start to live its life and the body is oozing personality all over. But all of these characteristics come at a very high cost. After the COVID-19 pandemic, the brand-new costs have skyrocketed due to the sheer demand, especially from the Asian region.

But if you’re a vehicle dealer, you might be tempted to buy the brand new; this is when you should evaluate the existing market. In doing so, you should be able to see that brand-new vehicles are hardly the first choice.


The popularity of Import Car Japan has been contemporary for a long time. But the popularity of used cars absolutely dominates the market. A used car is simply a car that has had an owner before you with no serious alternations to the body or the engine. If you happened to scout most trending auctions in Japan, you would see that there were used vehicles that are almost the same as the brand-new quality, for a price close to half of the brand-new price. But achieving that isn’t easy unless you know what to do.

This is why hiring an importing company is the ideal choice to make. This would ensure that there are professional representatives who walk you through, recommending you the best options and allowing you to make the final decisions. Because at the end of the day, it isn’t quite wise to go for overly expensive Australian-owned JDM cars when you can bring over vehicles with just one previous owner to ensure the quality.


The third type of vehicle is used too, but the only difference is that the engine and the body parts have been altered without violating regulations. Because after all, there’s always a performance frame for each horsepower range. Although there’s nothing wrong with importing a reconditioned Japanese car, the risk is always less in just used cars.

Final takeaways

Considering all these factors, choosing to own a Japanese car is going to ensure that you get the smoothest and the most trouble-free experience in driving a vehicle. Since there are enough makes and models for you to choose from, all you need to be land on the right importing company.

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