The Importance of Suspension and Differentials in Off-Roading

When you are decking out your car for off-roading, one of the things that are quite important to consider is the suspensions and the differentials of the car. The reason for this is because it’s what almost always gets you through some of the most difficult terrains out there. But many people do not understand the importance of these components since they do not see it work when driving comfortably in the car. This article aims to give some reasons for the importance of these components.


Interestingly, many people think that tyres are the only thing that makes sure the car grips the terrain. But without the suspension and the differentials, it would be difficult for the car to go through the whole terrain since it allows the tyres to grip the terrain whether it is inches from the undercarriage or metres away from the undercarriage. This makes it possible to go climb hills and go down hills without any sort of problem to the car. The better traction, especially for Baja Suspension kits reduces the damage of the car as well, making the vehicle last longer.


The other thing that is almost always ignored is the fact that the suspension and differentials that are meant for off-roading allows the car to be more adaptive to the terrain it is going through. In other words, if the car is going in areas that have big drops, these components can take it without packing off quickly. This is obviously something that a stock suspension cannot do as it is mainly meant for city running and not for rigorous use in the wilderness or rural areas of the country that you are living in.


Another thing that many people often ignore about suspensions and differentials is the fact that they make the car all the more efficient when it comes to power transfer. In many instances, these off-roading vehicles have manual gear boxes that are quite difficult to drive if you cannot feel the road properly. As a result, these components allow you to have a better judgement on what gear you should be on when you are traversing through difficult terrain. Although not many see this, this type of mechanical sorcery always occurs without your knowledge when you are going on your adventure.

Ground Clearance

If we look at all the reasons for the importance of suspensions especially, it would be the ground clearance element that many people often see as the most important. The reason for this is due to the fact the suspensions allow the tyres to drop and lift the car higher than it supposed to be. This makes it possible for the car to even traverse through deep waters as well. However, this has to be adjusted depending on the type of terrain you are going to.

There you have it. You now have a simple understanding of why suspensions and differentials are important for off-roading.

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