Essentials You Should Have in Your Car in Case of An Emergency

Roadside emergencies are a natural fact of life and it is something that you are going to have to face at some point in time. If you have never faced any such situation, then you either do not drive a lot or it simply has not happened yet. However, when such an emergency happens, it can be one of the most distressing and problematic things. This is especially true if you are traveling far from home or if you are on your way for some important and time sensitive work.

In both these cases, a roadside emergency is the last thing you would need and can quite often end up ruining everything for you. This is why it is so important to make sure that you do all that you possibly can to make sure that the impact of such an incident is minimized and that the time delay from this is as short as possible. And the only way to achieve this is by following the boy scout moto and always “be prepared”.

Having Tools in the Car

Now when we talk about tools, we do not necessarily mean that you have to have a hammer and a screwdriver. Tools here refer to the essential items that we will need in order to try and mend the car or at least get the car into a workable condition so that you can get it to a repair shop under its own power. If we can achieve this, then it is highly possible that we will have a much better experience of the roadside accident and more importantly, the impact it has on what we were doing at the time will be significantly reduced.

This is why it is important to have tyre tools like the car jack/lift and wrench to unscrew the bolts on the tires. It is also important to have other small emergency items like a few spare fuse plugs and if you have the skills a tire patch kit. You can also have items like a roadside hazard indicator, a safety west and quite importantly a torch that has battery power and can also run off the car’s power.

Having the Right Documents

There are two kinds of documents you need to have. The first is not really a document, but it is very important to have some kind of paper map with you. Google Maps is always better and easier, but it is always important to remember that these depend on factors like battery power and cellular reception. Therefore, as a backup it is always important to have a road map handy as well.

This way you can always find your way to any place. The second most important document in an emergency is one that contains a list of all emergency numbers nationally and in the area, you are traveling to. It is important to have these in handy so that you do not have to waste time trying to find these numbers. Of course, make sure that the numbers you add to this document are working and regularly check and update the numbers as needed.

With these two essential sets of items, it is possible that the emergency that you face on the road would have far less of an impact on you that if you had the emergency unprepared.

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