Car Exteriors: What Damages Your Car?

As an experienced car owner, you probably know how to protect your car; what to keep it away from, and what else you cando. Nevertheless, here’s a quick look at the most common culprits that can easily damage your car exteriors.


People usually talk about UV protection when it comes to human health. However, it could be as harmful to your car and every other object that’s exposed to the sun. UV rays can damage your car’s exterior quite badly.

The damage caused by it may not become apparent until later, where you might notice one that’s very visible and bad. When this happens, you would normally have to repaint your car, which is quite a process and should be done without a flaw in order to restore its good looks. 


There is loads in the environment that can harm your cars exterior and the body. Once again, the damage might take place slowly and unknowingly, but can certainly turn out bad after a while unless the right kind of care and maintenance is given.

In addition to pollution where chemicals, acids and metals can react slowly on your car’s body to cause damage, there are also a lot of other things in from environment, such as animal poop, that may also affect the shine and colour of your car in the long run. Again, there’s nothing much you can do to prevent such things; however, good care and maintenance hacks can surely make a big difference!

Harsh Chemicals

While some strong chemicals sometimes become a necessity in car maintenance jobs, there are others that can be avoided. Nevertheless, not every service or repair station takes enough care to avoid what’s nod needed.

Some may even opt for certain chemicals just because they are cheap. Thus, it can be quite tough to completely avoid such scenarios because in some cases, you may not even know what’s being used on your car. Speak to Sydney’s expert in ceramic paint protection to find out about ceramic coatings and how they can help with ensuring complete protection of your car. 


Unlike the above, damages from accidents are instant and apparent. You don’t necessarily have to have a major accident to sustain damages on the body. In fact, sometimes, you do not even have to bump into anything at all.

If you’re a committed car owner and a vigilant driver, you would notice the tiny scratches and marks on the car body. Sometimes, there may be nothing more than a pin-drop size of paint that has come off, but you would still take notice if you cared to examine your car after an accident or a close-call incident.

Lack of Protection

As an owner and user with experience, you would ideally take necessary measure or applied the right techniques where protection and maintenance is concerned. There a number of advanced techniques available today for extra protection and resistance of the outer body of the car, for instance, that many are loving owing to the guarantees for full protection and minimization of damage. This is one of the biggest things any car owner would want. Lacking proper protection makes a carlike a human with little or no immunity!

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