Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Car Clean and Looking Fresh

One of the basic ways in maintaining your car is by regularly cleaning it both inside and out. Doing this regularly helps shorten the amount of cleaning time that you need to spend for your car since there is lesser accumulated dirt to deal with. If you want to keep your car looking clean, fresh and brand-new, simple washing and wiping is not enough. Here are some of the best tips and tricks to keep your car looking at its best.

Wash with the Right Soap

Although you can use detergent or even dish washing soap in washing your car, these products are just not the right ones to be used for your car. Sure, they have excellent oil and grime-stripping power but it is just too much for your car’s paint to handle.

Using these products regularly in cleaning your car can strip off the essential oils on your car’s surface, making its paint job more prone to fading and wearing out. Get a range of car cleaning products that are just right to clean and protect the paint job of your vehicle. Don’t forget to use only soft cloth when washing and wiping your car’s exterior to protect it from scratches.


Washing your car regularly removes all the loose dirt and other particles. However, there are some particles that get embedded in the car’s paint finish. Scrubbing while washing the car is not the best way to remove these debris because it would only leave scratches and abrasions on the car’s paint job.

Clay-barring is the best way to deal with this problem. In this technique, a clay bar is flattened and rubbed back-and-forth over your car’s paint to remove embedded debris without scratching the paint job. Do this until there are no more darts on the surface and it looks like glass-like in its finish.

Polish the Surface

After washing and drying your car, waxing and polishing comes next to make the paintjob look new and perfect. Some car owners think that waxing and polishing are just the same process but they are actually different.

After waxing, it should always be followed by polishing for a shiny finish. Apply a car polishing product on a soft cloth and spread it over the car’s exterior. Run your car polisher starting with slow speed to distribute the wax all over the surface. Then, gradually speed it up and let the polisher do all the work and achieve a shiny glass-like gloss.

Deep Clean Regularly

Aside from regular cleaner, you also need to schedule a deep cleaning for your car to remove all the stubborn or hidden dirt. Clean the exterior properly and don’t forget the interior as well. Vacuum it first to remove all the loose dirt and don’t forget to wipe out all the surfaces such as the seats, the dashboard and many more.

Keeping your car’s beauty is more than just regular washing. Try out these tips and see how it transforms the overall look of your vehicle.

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